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15 March 2017
Prints by John Richmond

Included in our current Contemporary Living Sale are two prints by fashion designer John Richmond. In 1984 he formed The Richmond-Cornejo label with Ravensbourne graduate Maria Cornejo. Since 1987, Richmond has worked under his own name producing three lines, the main line: John Richmond, second line: Richmond X, and the denim line: Richmond Denim. The […]

01 March 2017
A Tale of Two Cities #londonandparis

  Lot 2 A rather unusual beast – This is Ed the Horse, a life sized papier mache horse who galloped over from Paris to be in our Tale of Two Cities auction. He’s being a bit of a ‘dark horse’ at the moement and won’t tell us anything about his past… We’d love to […]

02 February 2017
Sign of the Times

It’s always a beautiful moment when a pieces comes in and really resonates with the times we are in. This Edwardian Suffragette colours pendant, early 1900s, set with pearls, amethyst and green garnets, of double heart form, with pearl set bow above, mounted in 15ct yellow gold. approx 4.5cm long. The meaning of the colours […]

24 January 2017
Two Rare Fleischmann Sculptures up for Auction

NEW Collectors, 9 February   Vertu at Roseberys, The Online Auction House are delighted to offer two rare Arthur Fleischmann sculptures in their ‘NEW Collectors’ sale. The curated sale comprises 51 selected works of paintings, prints and sculptures from emerging and established artists. Spanding throughout the 20th and 21st century lots include works by Pierre- […]

15 December 2016
Modern and Contemporary Print Sale

Included in Vertu at Roseberys Modern and Contemporary Print Sale is a collection of Banksy prints, most notably an early commission, ‘We love Us’ a vinyl edition from the Wall of Sound Compilation.  Banksy has contributed to a large number of covers, however this is one of the artist’s earliest commissions, and only this release […]

27 June 2016
5 Top Tips for starting your own Art Collection

The idea of becoming an art collector may seem daunting and out of reach. But with these five top tips you can start to collect with confidence, build your own style and create a lifelong love affair with art. 1 Start with a budget. No matter how small, this will give you a frame to […]

11 April 2016
Warhol Prints of Marilyn

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. Marilyn Monroe The Iconic and timeless girl once called Norma Jeane Dougherty has become the most recognised face in popular culture. Immoritalised forever in Andy Warhol’s series of portraits. Vertu at Roseberys is delighted to offer four variations of […]

23 February 2016
Modern British Art at Vertu at Roseberys

From Ben Sunlight’s iconic mixed media canvas’  to Derrick Latimer Sayer’s oil nude studies, Vertu at Roseberys latest specialist online only Modern British Art auction focuses on the wonderful diversity of British art. The curated 101 lot auction features art from Modern British artists including Patrick Procktor, Rolan Vivian Pitchforth, John Ward and Edmund Clampied. […]

09 February 2016
Five facts you didn’t know about Elvis!

  The King of Pop! Style icon, rock ‘n’ roll God even Burger King – Elvis was known as many things… But here is a list of five facts you didn’t know about the boy from Mississippi.   1.Elvis never performed outside of North America. An estimated 40 percent of Elvis’ music sales have been […]

12 January 2016
A Night at the Movies

12 January – 1 February 2016 (Closes from 10.30am)   From Disney classics to hammer horror to all-time favourites, films have the ability to catapult us into new, magical and possibly unnerving worlds, the stories often stay with us for life and this month Vertu at Roseberys are delighted to share with you our top […]