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21 July 2017
Nude sale featuring Inge Clayton

  Inge Clayton studied life drawing, collage and printmaking at the Camden Arts Centre and soon developed her individual style,that challenged traditional concepts and ideals surrounding beauty. Throughout Clayton’s oeuvre there is this theme of the nude. Often depicting themes souring the male gaze and the eroctism of the female body. According to Tracey McNee, […]

23 June 2017
Stik – Street Art

      British Graffiti artist #Stik created ‘Heritage Blue Plaque’ with London’s famous blue plaques in mind.  In contrast to the 900 plaques mounted on buildings commemorating noble men and women, the simple stick figure on this plaque wordlessly tells the story of the artists community. This plaque was created for Stik: Council Property exhibition held at […]

08 June 2017
Nanking Cargo

    The ”Nanking Cargo” is the modern name given to the porcelain from the Geldermalsen, a huge transport ship that belonged to the Dutch East India Company (VOC). En-route from Canton in southern China to Europe on 3 January 1752, the ship hit a reef near Singapore, capsizing and killing most of the 112 […]

06 June 2017
MYCRO Japanese spy camera

A little something for you from our #small auction which opens today (6 June 2017). We love this Mycro, a Japanese sub-miniature camera from 1939, comes in the original brown case. The Mycro was made by Akita Seisakusho and distributed by various companies until 1945. At only 4cm high it’s no surprise it was used […]

20 May 2017
NEW Collectors highlights

  This curated online only sale comprises 54 works of paintings, prints and sculptures from emerging and established artists. Spanning throughout the 20th and 21st century, lots include works by  Francis Bacon, Eduardo Paolozzi, Victor Varsarely, Ketih Tyson, Dan McDermott, Maurice Cockrill, and Pure Evil that Roseberys specialists view as ideal pieces for those starting […]

15 March 2017
Prints by John Richmond

Included in our current Contemporary Living Sale are two prints by fashion designer John Richmond. In 1984 he formed The Richmond-Cornejo label with Ravensbourne graduate Maria Cornejo. Since 1987, Richmond has worked under his own name producing three lines, the main line: John Richmond, second line: Richmond X, and the denim line: Richmond Denim. The […]

01 March 2017
A Tale of Two Cities #londonandparis

  Lot 2 A rather unusual beast – This is Ed the Horse, a life sized papier mache horse who galloped over from Paris to be in our Tale of Two Cities auction. He’s being a bit of a ‘dark horse’ at the moement and won’t tell us anything about his past… We’d love to […]

02 February 2017
Sign of the Times

It’s always a beautiful moment when a pieces comes in and really resonates with the times we are in. This Edwardian Suffragette colours pendant, early 1900s, set with pearls, amethyst and green garnets, of double heart form, with pearl set bow above, mounted in 15ct yellow gold. approx 4.5cm long. The meaning of the colours […]

24 January 2017
Two Rare Fleischmann Sculptures up for Auction

NEW Collectors, 9 February   Vertu at Roseberys, The Online Auction House are delighted to offer two rare Arthur Fleischmann sculptures in their ‘NEW Collectors’ sale. The curated sale comprises 51 selected works of paintings, prints and sculptures from emerging and established artists. Spanding throughout the 20th and 21st century lots include works by Pierre- […]

15 December 2016
Modern and Contemporary Print Sale

Included in Vertu at Roseberys Modern and Contemporary Print Sale is a collection of Banksy prints, most notably an early commission, ‘We love Us’ a vinyl edition from the Wall of Sound Compilation.  Banksy has contributed to a large number of covers, however this is one of the artist’s earliest commissions, and only this release […]